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AD9364 Frequency Reference Question

Question asked by G_S on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by tlili

In the AD9364 and AD9361, can the frequency reference for the Tx Lo and Rx LO be different from the reference for the ADC/DAC clocks?

The goal is to isolate the (digital section) clocks and data from the (analog and RF section) frequency up- and down-conversion at the mixer input (for Tx) and mixer output (for Rx). The AD9364 manual (pg. 18 of 120) discusses external LO injection, but does not specify if the BBPLL uses the same injected frequency to run the baseband (digital) sections. Can the BBPLL be locked to (for example) FB_CLK, while the Tx and Rx LO are locked to external LO signal?