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Question asked by fkgong on Oct 15, 2014
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I am working on running AD-FMCOMMS3 on ML605 board. I can find XPS project and related c files on the website, however, I cannot find any detailed instructions on how to use these codes to get the correct results. Before I ask, I have read through some discussions, such as…

which are valuable references. However, I still met many wrong messages when I try to test AD-FMCOMMS3 by using ML605 Board and ISE 14.6.  We will be very appreciated if anyone can give us some suggestions.


Step 1. I downloaded and extract the files to C:\Xilinx\ML605\. I also downloaded the c files and the .bat files to the directories cfiles and scripts. For more details, with the path C:\Xilinx\ML605\, I have



With the path C:\Xilinx\ML605\ fpgahdl_xilinx-master\, C:\Xilinx\ML605\cfiles\, and  C:\Xilinx\ML605\scripts\, I have


Step 2. I opened the system.xps with XPS 14.6.


The missed files can be generated in the following steps.

  Step 3. Export and Launch SDK



At first, the following error appears




Step 4. Then, I power up the ML605 and re-execute step 3, everything seems ok.




My first question is about the reason. Can you help to explain why?