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Problem with ADV7513 setting

Question asked by DaniVD on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by MikeOC

Hi, everybody.

Please, i need help for setting ADV7513 properly. We are using the ADV7513 with the next conditions:

Input data format: YCbCr 20 bits with separate sync. ID 1 Style 1.


The Data input to the ADV7313 is provided with HSYNC, VSYNC, PCLK and the 20 data bits. the video format is 1080i50.

I understand that Data Enable has to be generated, since DE is not provided. The ADV7513 is setting with the next register:



Read Reg 0x42

0x70 is received ; HPD high, HDMI clock temination detected.


Write 0x41 0x12            ;Power Up / Enable sync adjustment

Write 0x98 0x03            ;Fixed Reg

Write 0x9A 0xE0          ;Fixed Reg

Write 0x9C 0x30          ;Fixed Reg

Write 0x9D 0x60          ;Fixed Reg

Write 0xA2 0xA4          ;Fixed Reg

Write 0xA3 0xA4          ;Fixed Reg

Write 0xE0 0xD0          ;Fixed Reg

Write 0xF9 0x00            ;Fixed Reg


Write 0x15 0x01          ;ID 1 : 20 bits YCbCr 422 separate Sync

Write 0x16 0x99          ; 422 Output format; 10 bits ; Style 1; YCbCr

Write 0x17 0x03          ;Aspect Ratio 19:9; DE Generation

Write 0xAF 0x06          ;Select HDMI mode


;Setting DE Generation for 1080i50

Write 0x35 0x2F

Write 0x36 0xD4

Write 0x37 0x0F

Write 0x38 0x00

Write 0x39 0x21

Write 0x3A 0xC0


;Setting for Sync adjustment

Write 0xD7 0x84

Write 0xD8 0x02

Write 0xD9 0x0C

Write 0xDA 0x08

Write 0xDB 0x05


Write 0x30 0x84

Write 0x31 0x02

Write 0x32 0xC0

Write 0x33 0x08

Write 0x34 0x05


Write 0xDC 0x00

Write 0xDD 0x00

Write 0xFA 0x00

Write 0xFB 0x00


Write 0xD0 0x34


With the above setting in ADV7513, I do not get the ADV7513 show video at output. I have tested to connect it to a monitor; I have also tested to connect it to a SDI analyzer through a HDMI to SDI converter. I can see the clock at the output TMDS clock lines.


I read the register 0x3E and i get the value 0x50 and this corresponds with format VIC#20: 1080i50. I understand that ADV7513 recognise the format correctly.

What am I doing wrong? Have I left some register without setting?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.