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I have problems in using SPI. I would be very grateful if anybody could help!

Question asked by shengwan on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2014 by shengwan
  1. My purpose was to code the SPI1, so when used as master and continuously sending data out, I was expecting to be able to see the clock/data waveform on the oscilloscope. I use the “ADSP-CM408F EZ-KIT Lite” evaluation board with “PWM 180-Pin Probing Board”;
  2. I started from the sample code SPI_flash_read.c from the “Enablement Software package”, made the following minor modifications:
    1. 1. Produced/added adi_initpinmux() to defined the SPI1 I/O pins;
    2. 2. In SPI_flash_read.h, changed the SPI_DEV value to be 1 to specify SPI1;
    3. 3. Added TxBuffer (with 3 bytes size) definition, and initialized it with 3 randomly picked (non-zero) numbers;
    4. 4. Added a “while(1)” loop to the “adi_spi_ReadWrite” and the subsequent “printf” function calls to keep continuously sending data out.
  3. The code was running normally EXCEPT that there is NO waveform coming out of the either SPI1_CLk (pin 85 on the PWM Probing Board) or the SPI1_MOSI (pin 87 on the PWM Probing Board)