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ADV212 HIPI Mode Capacity

Question asked by antenci on Oct 15, 2014
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I want to use raw video output and also J2K output in my system. So when user sets j2k output, raw data captured from adv7188 will first passed to adv212 through HIPI mode and and get the compressed video field/frame from the ADV212 again through HIPI interface.

My video input will be PAL and I want de-interlace operation made by ADV212.


Now i am trying to guess the order of writing/reading on HIPI interface. I want real-time output. I mean, all of the fields should be compressed by ADV212. But there is the question;


How can i simultaneously write all RAW fields to ADV212 and read back the compressed one without dropping fields/frames?

What should be the order like?

Should i buffer all field data and send to ADV212 at once? If yes, will this bring out an extra latency?

Is there anybody who has used HIPI mode for real time PAL video compression with DE-INTERLACE option ON?