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16bit 525i RGB input to CVBS/Y-C output @ADV7393

Question asked by Employee on Oct 15, 2014
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The customer is evaluating ADV7393 in condition of below input/output condition.

  • ü  input 16bit 525i RGB input
  • ü  output : CVBS/Y-C output

They are using below script for this configuration like recommendation of datasheet.


I think they will use below data format.



So, the data with repetition mode should be incoming to ADV7393 for 525i with 16-bit 4:4:4 RGB input mode.

I have one question for this format.

The customer’s input data is the pixel #2 in below data format. Is it ok?

or customer should keep the the pixel #1 format?

Currently, very dark(low brightness) and lost color’s image was displayed through CVBS and Y-C port in customer system.



Please advise me.


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Steven Yang