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AD7190 no constant values

Question asked by Thomas123456 on Oct 15, 2014
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im using the ad7190 with a reference voltage of VRef=DVDD=AVDD=5V

if i put a Voltage of 2,5V between Ain 1 and Ain 2 i get teh right value (something around 0x7FFXXX) from the Data Register


if i put 0,7V I sometimes get right values and sometimes ( 0x3XXXXX) from the Data Register and sometimes its about 0xFFXXX or 0x7XXXXX)


has anyone an idea why this happens?


im writing the following valuesinto teh registers of AD7190:


Configutation Register:    0x100108

Mode Regisrer          :     0x188801


the Data Register is Read every 2ms by an non maskable interrupt


thanks you