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ADN8831 issue

Question asked by dsarjas on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2014 by ViSokol

Hello to all.

We are making new design with ADN8831 and we have problem how to determinate R and C for PID


In laboratory we connect to our system laboratory TEC driver THORLABS TED4015 – this device is automatically defining PID parameters.


The problem is, that this device gave is parameters for PID in such form:


  1. P          19.84 A/K         -->        Rp
  2. I           2,878 As/K        -->       Ri, Ci
  3. D          34,21 A/Ks        -->       Cd, Rd


This parameters we would like to transform to R and C.


Can you pls help us with this?



Is it necessary to use 4 layer PCB to achieve lower temperature oscillations?


And why identical values of PID components that are use on Analog prototype board (EVAL board) on our PCB causing oscillations? (but on EVAL board there is no oscillations)