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Question asked by Ed_V Employee on Oct 14, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by rgetz

I have a 702 and 9361 eval board setup and I am trying to remote connect the OSC program to it. I built the OSC from github and running it on Ubuntu PC. OSC complains it can’t connect. I have found the following problems:

1) iio_cmdsrv on the eval system listens on port 1234 (stated in script) but the OSC using libiio wants to connect on port 30431.

2) Once I figured out that problem, I changed so it listens on 30431. After running OSC I find that the libiio get_context function that’s called after connect sends command PRINT (also captured this on wireshark). This command does not exist in iio_cmdsrv and when it gets an invalid command it quits. I also found that libiio sends all uppercase commands which don’t work with iio_cmdsrv.


There seems to be a fundamental disconnect between libiio and the command server. Has ADI abandoned remote connection feature altogether? Is there an updated command server I can get from somewhere that is compatible with libiio? I built the one on and can also see just from browsing the code that its supported command set doesn’t
include PRINT command in libiio network.c file which is supposed to return an XML string.


Thanks, Ed