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FMCOMMS2 GNURadio Design, Re-Tuning

Question asked by austinsteamboat on Oct 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by pcercuei

Hey All,

I've finally gotten GNURadio loaded on my Zedboard using:


GnuRadio [Analog Devices Wiki]


I setup the Zedboard based on:


Zynq and the AD9361 and/or AD9364 [Analog Devices Wiki]


I've made a basic reference design in GNURadio based on the FM Radio receiver example design. I added a QT GUI and a GUI entry to set the LO tuning frequency. When I reset the LO tuning, the QT waterfall plot and FFT plots reset to reflect the new value, but the FMCOMMS source block does not tune to the new frequency (I've confirmed this by visually inspecting the spectrum results and looking at the IIO device files). I'm fairly certain I'm doing the data conversion correctly as it tunes to the correct value on initialization. I've used the same process on an rtl-sdr design to tune it to new frequencies, so I believe the method is valid.


My question then is, can you re-tune the LO of the FMCOMMS source block mid-flow-graph execution? I have found that I can't change the gains either using the method described above. In short I'm trying to figure out if it's a known issue in the FMCOMMS block or with the way I'm trying to tune it.