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AD7195: Set OutputData rate problem

Question asked by Ahygoon on Oct 14, 2014
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I'm using an AD7195 for my application. Everythings are OK since I found a problem.


I want to configure a output data rate around 400Hz.

I write this configuration in the registers:

Mode register: 0x142003


     CKL externe on MCLK2: provided by another AD7195 on the same board.

     SINC = use Sinc4 filter

     ENPAR: to check data

     FS = 3

Configuration register: 0x803058

     CHOP enable

     Channel AIN1/AINCOM + AIN2/AINCOM => 2 channels measured




     GAIN is 1 => 0-5V


The registers are OK, I follow each write operation with a read operation to check if the content is well written. (=> I assume the register are OK in the device).

For me the configuration give a 400Hz output rate (my calculation works for all other cases i make until now).

But the real output data rate is 200Hz instead of the expected 400Hz.


I try to configure Mode register first then Configuration register first, but it doesn't change anythings.

1: Do the order of mode and config register have an influence?


The only difference from my other use case is that I have 2 channels here.

When I configure only 1 (AIN1/AINCOM) the output rate is correct (400Hz).

2: I was expecting a data (falling edge of RDY pin) for each channel. Do i right?


Then I check the measured data:

     Each 5ms (200Hz!) I got a falling edge of RDY. 1 For channel 4 (AIN1/AINCOM) and measure is correct.

     Then next received data is for channel 5 (AIN2/AINCOM) but with an error activated. (Voltage on the pin is 1.75V and shall be OK)


3: Can you explain what I see?

4: Any solution ?


Thanks in advance for your help,