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Programming registers in AD936x

Question asked by ENGINEER on Oct 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2014 by ENGINEER

Hi Team,

               I wanted to generate register values for ad936x. My intention is to generate parameters/register values [ say i will take LTE standard, FC is carrier freq, N MHz in Bandwidth, M Sampling rate, gain setting and other typical RF transceiver inputs.


so, i am passing only few parameters [FC, N and M, gain and other typical rf transceiver inputs]


rest of all register values should be generated by script or software. [ I want to cut down on my R&D]. Other way around, if there is a ready made register values for all possible combinations [ say different bands [1 to 44] [both TDD and FDD] and different bandwidths].


Let me know the simplest way to set the registers based on few inputs [FC, N and M, gain and other typical rf transceiver inputs]


extending the question further, how close is this AD9361 device to other devices AD936x [X being 3 and 4].


I understand i need to do my homework, but some pointers can help me reducing effort in that direction, i am looking for those.