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Zedboard + FMCOMMS1 + reference design problems

Question asked by PashaA on Oct 13, 2014
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I have been trying to create SD card from scratch by using provided reference design.

I am using Vivado 2014.2 on Fedora Linux 64bit and have Zedboard Rev D, FMCOMMS1 Rev B.


The problem is that I am unable to create a variant which could initialize non of the following: adv7511_hdmi, DAC and ADC.

I have tried various versions of the hdl and Linux kernal, but none of them worked.  Currently I have:

hdl release fmcomms1_v2013_4_2014_07_25 and Linux kernel head revision.  I use ISE 14.7 EDK to create BOOT.BIN.

I do not have any modifications to kernel nor hdl.

I am using u-boot built as described in the instructions. I have USB cable attached to UART, so once I get terminal I call:

run sdboot


In the attachment I placed the boot log from the UART terminal.

I have tried to swap BOOT.bin, devicetree.dtb and uImage from reference SD card and it works well.  What is that I haven't done/system is missing?


I was hoping to use reference design as a starting point.  I would really appreciate any help resolving this issue.