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ADE7953: Can't get OverVoltage IRQ working

Question asked by peg on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by dlath

Hi all,


I'm using ADE7953 for a long time as measurement tool for Active and reactive Energy. And it works well.

My Accumulation delay is set to about 1 second and i've an interrupt each 1 second with CYCEND_FLAG on. Nice.


But i'd like to add SAG and OVV management using corresponding interrupt flags, expecting an IRQ each time OVV or SAG occures.

My test experiment sets a low OVLVL to produce "theoritically" many interrupts, as my IRQENA reg is set with bothe CYCEND_FLAG and OV_FLAG.  In regard of my input VP that I can set above my OVLVL manually when I want.

However the interrupt seems to never occure. I only still get the CYCEND interrupt (each seconds), even if I can see my OV_FLAG set when i process the CYCEND interrupt.


Any idea to have sooner than at the end of accumulaion the OVLVL interrupt ?


In advance thanks,