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Frequency dependant gain stages

Question asked by CHL01 on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by KJBob


We have a question with regards to the ADAU1701 and Sigma studio that we hope you can help with.

We are trying to simulate a constant current output from a voltage amplifier (power amp) when driving inductive loads..


We have been working with the ADI ADAU1701 development kit and the DSP has proved more than capable of providing most of the functions we require but when it comes to equalising for the load it has proved more difficult.


We have tried using parametric boost/shelf functions to try and achieve this but these require the manipulation of several variables to try and approximate what we want to achieve.


And so finally to my question.

Are you aware of any functions in Sigma studio that can replicate a gain stage with an output that rises at constant 6db/octave from a single specifiable frequency?


Hope you can help.