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Changing filters in real-time using I2C or SPI

Question asked by EVD on Oct 12, 2014
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We have the ADAU1452 eval board. We use Sigmastudio to build and upload some filters and store these in the EEPROM. It was very simple to get this working.


But… We want to dynamically adjust filter parameters and delay setting using a remote application on a separate ARM processor and using either a I2C or SPI interface connected to the ADAU1452.


Now I understand from the manuals that it is possible to adjust levels of the in- and outputs using either of these interfaces, but is there a way we can also change the parameters of a filter? (say freq, gain, q of a parametric filter, changing a FIR filter table, changing delay time etc.


If that would be possible then that would be great! If not, is there another DSP we can use where this is possible?


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