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JESD204B (AD9680) on Artix?

Question asked by rgetz Employee on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by charlyelkhoury

Someone asked by email:


We have been working on trying to get a JESD204B reference design to work on an AC701 with a lot of road blocks (mostly Xilinx related). The stuff in the GitHub tree is mostly just tcl stub generation without the matched Xilinx toolset versions. A couple of questions :


  1. Has anyone to your knowledge made any of the JESD204B Analog Devices chips work with a Xilinx Artix?
  2. Has anyone at ADI made the AD9680 work with any of the off the shelf Xilinx Development boards (e.g. series 7 or later ; AC701, ZC702, KC705, KCU105, etc)?