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Some questions about filter, rssi and hardware gain

Question asked by on Oct 11, 2014
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     I'm trying to add low-pass filter and read or set hardware gain and rssi in my own program, but I get some problems when I do these. The first question is about filter, I did it as follows: 

static int load_fir_filter(const char *filter_file_name)
int ret = -1;
FILE *filter_file = fopen(filter_file_name, "r");
if (filter_file)
  char *filter_buf;
  ssize_t filter_len;

  fseek(filter_file, 0, SEEK_END);
  filter_len = ftell(filter_file);
  filter_buf = malloc(filter_len);
  fseek(filter_file, 0, SEEK_SET);
  filter_len = fread(filter_buf, 1, filter_len, filter_file);

  ret = iio_device_attr_write_raw(tx,
    "filter_fir_config", filter_buf, filter_len);

if (ret < 0)
  printf("FIR filter config failed\n");
  strcpy(last_fir_filter, filter_file_name);

return ret;

     In the main() function, I did this: filter_ret = load_fir_filter(filter_file_name); But the iio_device_attr_write_raw() function got a less then zero return, it means write failure, I'm sure the filter_buf and filter_len are right. Could you tell me why? Thank you.

     The second question is about rssi, the programs are as follows:

int rssi_ret = 0;

uint32_t rssi_value;

uint32_t address = 0x1A7;

rssi_ret = iio_device_reg_read(rx, address, &rssi_value);


   printf("rssi value = %d dB\n", rssi_value);

     The iio_device_reg_read() function's return is right, but the rssi_value is always the same (101), it means there must be some problems in my program, do some steps lose? Thank you.

    The last question is about hardware gain.

  AGC_ret = iio_device_reg_write(rx, 0x132, 90);
          printf("AGC write success\n");

  AGC_ret = iio_device_reg_read(rx, 0x132, &AGC);
                printf("set AGC = %d dB\n", AGC);

    I found I change the AGC successfully, but the transmite distance of TX and RX is not changed, the transmite distance is very close. I used two zynq706 boards and two ad9361 boards, one for TX, one for RX.