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How to link 2 file into 1 project in ADSP-BF506F EZ-KIT Lite

Question asked by jethro on Oct 5, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2010 by gyi

how to link 2 C file into 1 project??

i totally no idea..can someone teach me??

need to create linker file or???



after debug, the error show:


----------------Configuration: motion - Debug----------------

[Error li1050]  '_main' ('main'): Multiply defined symbol in processor 'p0'.
        Initial definition:     '.\Debug\PID.doj'
        Attempted redefinition: '.\Debug\PWM.doj'

Linker finished with 1 error
cc3089: fatal error: Link failed
Tool failed with exit/exception code: 1.
Build was unsuccessful.