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Is it possible to have actual time instead of sample # ADIS16364 with the EVAL-ADISZ

Question asked by mfontanella on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2014 by NevadaMark


As the subject states, I'm taking a data capture with the EVAL-ADISZ board with the gyro's and accelerometers on the ADIS16364.

When I view the spreadsheet, I get X amount of columns, starting with sample and then instrument data in each column.

The issue is, in order to plot the rate as a function of time, I have to take the sample per second I'm taking the data at and convert it to the time between samples to plot.

Is there a way that the program can be set up to output the fraction of seconds the data is actually acquired at, instead of post processing it? After all there is a clock on the chip and I don't want to know the time of day, just the time between sample acquisitions.


This also leads into what the delay time between channels is depending on the sampling rate the data is being taken at? Is this stated anywhere?


Thanks - Mark