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ADV7619 questions

Question asked by pjxan Employee on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by GuenterL

Hi !

I've a customer that's in the process of designing in the ADV7619 in their design and a couple

of question has come up from their side :


      1.     Both Hot-plug pins and I2C over HDMI are ”5V tolerant”. Does this mean that it will have no negative effect if
       these signals are 5V? Or would a lower voltage be better?


2.    2.    Does ADV7619 requires external pull-up resistors on the HDMI I2C pins?


3.     Do the HDMI pins have internal termination resistors? If yes, which accuracy do they have?

4.     What constraints do the ADV7619 have on the different supply voltages?

5.     How much noise does ADV7619 generate out to the different supply voltages?

6.     If we don’t use \CE and CEC, how should we handle these pins?



BR Patrik