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Implementing  Motor Control using ADSP 2101

Question asked by JosephJohn on Oct 5, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2010 by vishwanath

I am an beginner in DSP implementation. I need to implement."Field Oriented Control scheme for Brushless DC Motors" .

DSP available for me is  ADSP 2101.
The generalised functional block diagram for the work is as shown.



It would be very helpful for me if you can provide.

1. Apt literature for implementing my application using ADSP 2101.
2. Any literature having sample coding so that I can develop the code for my specific application.
3. Please have a look into the block diagram and suggest whether all the functions listed below can be implemented using ADSP 2101 or not.
                           a) Clarke Transformation
                           a) Park Transformation
                           a) Inverse Park Transformation
                           a) Space Vector modulation

Your response will be highly appreciated.


Many Thanks in Advance,
Joseph P John.