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Impedance Measurement by Frequency Sweep

Question asked by Shehzad on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by Shehzad

Hi All,


I'm trying to measure impedance of an RC transducer at different frequencies by performing a frequency sweep. Firstly I want to know, that is it possible to use an excitation signal of 650mV amplitude (sinusoid) i.e. with no attenuation mode? Also, the impedance results vary a lot by changing the amplitude of the excitation Signal. I want to sweep for the full range of ADUCM350 i.e. 80Hz to 79KHz. Also, after replacing the RCAL on the Switch MUX Config board, the results varies a lot, even if replaced with the same value resistor, why is it so? I've modified the Measurement 2 Wire example and is measuring impedance between AFE3 and AFE4.


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