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Op-Amp selection for Differential Analogue 3MHz min, Line driver

Question asked by EdFisher on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by EdFisher

Good morning.


I'm looking for appropriate, low cost, fully differential op-amps to implement a line driver for an analogue system.

The system is a pre-amplified output buffer to a digitization board approx 3/4m away using 28AWG copper pair.


The specifications are:

3MHz overall bandwidth, Line resistance of 110Ohms, Line capacitance of 250pF and Line inductance of 3uH. The digitization system includes a 14-bit ADC with ~13bit ENOB. We are aiming for an overall driver gain of 10dB. The ADC and ADC driver are both fully differential so we would prefer a differential driver package rather than multiple single-ended ICs.


We may well use source and end termination with ~110Ohm resistors.


I've been investigating line drivers, but most seems to be digital implementations.


Any advice on where to start, high-current drive output amps, or amplifier suggestions would be very welcome.