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Can we make ADV7626 just pass the AV mute ON to sink without sending black video out?

Question asked by Leonz on Oct 8, 2014
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I saw ADV7626 always sent out the black video when it received the GCP with AV_MUTE_ON from the source device. Is there any register in ADV7626 we can use, which, let ADV7626 just pass the AV Mute On to sink but do not mute/un_mute the output video to sink?


I compared two EVA boards by connecting with same source device and same sink, they were working in are different ways:


1) The ADV7626 EVA board sent black video out when it received GCP with AV_MUTE_ON from source device, but the AV_MUTE ON bits were not passed to sink.

2) The ADV7850 EVA board didn't send black video out when it received GCP with AV_MUTE_ON, but the AV_MUTE_ON bits were passed to sink.


Is it possible the ADV7626 can be configured to work in the same way as ADV7850 does with the AV_MUTE bit settings?



Leon Zhang