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Control of Boston engineering FlexMC kit with ADI CM408F

Question asked by shery1 on Oct 7, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2014 by Kritika

I am working on the FlexMC kit(Low voltage inverter for BLDC motor) from Boston engineering which is coupled with the ADI CM408F . The FlexMC kit comes with the simulink example which implements the speed control for PMSM using Field oriented control approach. For my problem I am trying to control a Brushless DC Motor using PWM.Can I use the GPIO block of simulink some how to send the PWM signals to the six transistors on the FlexMC LV kit from the CM408F. Also I am using IAR workbench to load my code in the ADI processor. In the past I worked with Texas Instrumentation DSP , in that case you can send or receive the signals to the outside world using GPIO block. But for ADI I want to understand how can I use the GPIO block and also which port of the CM408F is connected to the FlexMC kit inverter. Kindly see the attached example from the boston engineering.