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ADV212 image weirdness

Question asked by SrJTX on Oct 4, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2010 by DaveD

We seem to be having two problems with our ADV212 chips.  Background:


Using HIPI mode, camera is a 12bit monochrome camera, buffering and setup all done in an fpga.


First issue is the output files are not compatible with jasper, I get this error:

jasper: jpc_t1cod.c:144: JPC_NOMINALGAIN: Assertion `qmfbid == 0x01' failed.

I have pulled the newest SVN code for the openjpeg project and it will decode the image.  What we get is a recognizable image, but it's not really correct it looks like the output from a 4 bit camera.


jp2 file attached, maybe there's something in the header that will help.


I have also attached our ADV212 setup routine (with all of the non-important steps sliced out), I'm hoping we're just missing something simple.  the setup has the chip setup for 16bit, we were trying to shift the 12 bits around to make sure we weren't messing something up there.


Thanks for any help / guidance you can give.