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[ADV7282-M] Which register setting should we set? (H/W manual or script)

Question asked by Tamu on Oct 7, 2014
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I have a question about ADV7282-M.


There is a following description about 0x5D DIAG1 Control and 0x5E DIAG2 Control on the script file as follows:

42 5D 1C ; Enable Diagnostic pin 1 - Level=1.125V
42 5E 1C ; Enable Diagnostic pin 2 - Level=1.125V


This means the bit 5 = '0' and the bit[1:0] = '00'.
But according to the H/W manual "ADV7280_7281_7282_7283_UG-637.pdf" Page 81,
the default value of bit 5 = '1' (reserved) and
the default value of bit[1:0] = '01' (reserved).
The customer is going to use "DIAG slice level to 525 mV".
In this case, do we have to set the bit 5 = '0' and the bit[1:0] = '00' based on the script?


Thank you.
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