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HMC849 RF Switch Problems

Question asked by arvabj on Oct 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by MN.Pang

I am using an HMC849 switch for an application where RF signal is routed from RFC to RF2. RF1 is not used and i terminate it with a series Capacitor (100pf) + Resistor (50 Ohm) to ground. The problem is that i see a 20-30 dB drop in signal strength going from RFC to RF2. I am using few more HMC849 switches on our boards where RF1 and RF2 are switched, and there are are no issues here. The signal drop from RFC to RF! or RF2 equals the insertion loss (~1.5 dB).


Any help on this appreciated. I have seen similar signal drop issues when RF1 and RF2 do not have series capacitors. But that is not the problem right now. Thanks very much