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ADIS16227 Sleep Mode Initiation

Question asked by AldoLeon on Oct 3, 2014
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Dear all, I'm new in the forum. I'm working in the University of Sheffield. In one of the projects we are working on, it involves using the sensor ADIS16227. We have encountered some issues when trying to sleep the device. We can successfully perform FFT measurements, obtain internal temperature, voltage,etc. but when sending the command to put the device in sleep mode it is not responding. According to the data sheet to power down the device (sleep mode) you send the command DIN=0xBE02 - set 1st bit in GLOB_CMD register. (page 11-ADIS16227.pdf), the current consumption should be about 230 microAmps. But it continues in idle mode/record mode which consumes about 45 milliAmps. I have tried a very basic program to try to identify the problem source by obtaining only the product ID and then put it in sleep mode, I can get the Product ID but the device never shuts down. Any help/suggestion will be greatly appreciate it. Thanks.