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ADuCM360 ADC Question

Question asked by Phill4563 on Oct 6, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2014 by MMA

Hello everyone,

Im using the Eval-ADuCM360 board and have some questions about the ADC.

1. Is there any possibility to adjust the sample rate to any random number?

     (f.e. to use an timer to trigger the ADC' conversion start or is the "AdcFlt();" function the only possibility to change the sample rate)?

2. If I want to operate the ADC in single mode, do i have to initialize the ADC with the folowing command:


     and what happens, if i use differential mode and "in-n" has got a higher level than"in-p" ?

And i also want to ask if its possible to configure the currount sources to drive a different current on each source.

thanks ahead

greetz Philipp