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[ADV7282-M] 0x04 "Extended output control" register.

Question asked by Tamu on Oct 6, 2014
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I have some questions about 0x04 "Extended output control" register of ADV7282-M.

We are referring ":I2P AUTODETECT CVBS Differential In Ain3,4, 480p/576p MIPI Out:" on the script file.
(We are going to use I2P, CVBS differential, and MIPI out.)

According to the script, the description of "0x04" register is "42 04 57 ; Power-up INTRQ pad".
According to the H/W manual, the reset value is "0x37".


Question 1:
0x04 [6:4] is reserved and the value is "011" on the H/W manual.
The bit [6:4] is "101" on the script.
Do we have to set the "101" in this case?
Could you tell me the meaning of the bit [6:4]?


Question 2:
The description of "0x04" register is "42 04 57 ; Power-up INTRQ pad" on the script.
But there is no description about "Power-up INTRQ pad" of 0x04 "Extended output control" on the H/W manual page 71.
Which register bit has "Power-up INTRQ pad" function?
(Is it the bit [6:4]?)


Question 3:
The script setting "42 04 57" means enable "Outputs SFL information on the SFL pin".
But in this case, we don't use the SFL function because we use MIPI outputs.
I think we can set the bit 1 = '0' (Disables SFL output).
Do we have any problem?


Thank you.
Best regards.