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Error li1021-adi_DynamicMemInit issue

Question asked by JohnPytlowany on Oct 3, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by CraigG

Hi there,

I am trying to implement a contour detection/segmentation algorithm. It should all be working fine, but i'm getting this error.


[Error li1021]  The following symbols referenced in processor 'CORE_0' could not be resolved:

        'adi_DynamicMemInit [_adi_DynamicMemInit]' referenced from '.\VideoLoopbackYUV.doj'



Linker finished with 1 error

cc3089: fatal error: Link failed (code:1)

make: *** [VideoLoopbackYUV.dxe] Error 1


The function i'm trying to use is:

        nReturnValue = adi_DynamicMemInit(pDMA, aTempBuffer, TEMP_BUFFER_SIZE, VIDEO_HEIGHT);



In the past i have a vague memory that i fixed a similar error by adding in includes/source files (that i was missing, or that the function needed) into my project folder, but that doesn't seem to work in this case.

My current includes are:

/*Image processing tool box*/

#include "adi_image_tool_box.h"

#include "adi_tool_chain.h"

#include "adi_contour_display.h"


I also checked my app.ldf file and i THINK that should be all good, but im not 100% sure.


Things to note:

-I am using demo_application_native_api_contours.c as a guide.

-I am coding for the FINBOARD

-This is the only error i am getting

- i tried including these files:

//#include "adi_contour_dynamic_mem_alloc.h"

//#include "adi_contour_pseudo_dynamic_mem_alloc.h"

//#include "contour_dynamic_mem_alloc.c"

//#include "contour_pseudo_dynamic_mem_alloc.c"

but they didnt help


Any help would be greatly appreciated.