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ADE7880 - Relations on HRCFG, HSTIME, and HRATE When using HREADY Pin

Question asked by karens on Oct 2, 2014
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On my application, pin HREADY is connected to MCU external interrupt pin to notice the MCU to read back harmonics data.


I select HRATE to 128ms (100b), use default value of HSTIME (750ms). Upon the data sheet, page 66


1. If set HRCFG to zero, HREADY line goes from high to low to high again at HRATE period (every 128ms, on my setting), is it right? If so, will it be the case that when reading those harmonics data after HREADY pin going to low, the harmonics engine didn't finish the calculation yet since pin toggles when the engine starts the calculation? 


2. If set HRCFG to one '1', HREADY pin stays high for 750 ms (on my setting), then goes low, BUT the HRATE was set to 128 ms. much shorter than the HTIME, then the readings would be wrong, is it right?


3. For the functionality of HRCFG, the description on page 66 is kind of opposite of Table 54, is it right?