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Op Amp Sending Optical signals in the Low MHz Range

Question asked by amartin32 on Oct 2, 2014
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I would like to send optical signals in the low MHz range (1-20 MHz) while still operating in the linear regime.

I would like to input (V1) a analog signal that is 0-10 volts (I can voltage divide) and then amplify this signal via an op amp and modulate the light of an LED or possible a Laser Diode.


My question is would the ADA4891 be a good candidate as far as frequency response and providing enough power to modulate the light intensity of an LED (D2)? Is there a better Op Amp for this application?

Also, How would a high vs low impedance of the signal generator (V1) and LED (D2) effect the frequency response, signal amplitude, etc. ?

I appreciate any feedback and any design suggestion. Thanks!