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AD9361+Zedboard and AD9361_iiostream example

Question asked by Nick-AD on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by Quamstar

Hello to all,

i have some problem on the file AD9361_iiostream.c found in the libiio example folder.

i have cross-compiled and installed the libiio on the Linux Centos host,

i have put this compileds file into the target

When i execute the code i have segmentation fault because the two buffer are Null.


This functions return the Null buffers


printf("* Creating non-cyclic IIO buffers with 1 MiS\n");

rxbuf = iio_device_create_buffer(rx, 1024*1024, false);

txbuf = iio_device_create_buffer(tx, 1024*1024, false);


why this two buffer are Null ?


thanks in advance