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ADV7619 support 4K2K/30Hz and 1080P/120Hz

Question asked by JerryS on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by GuenterL

Hello, Sir


I got customer inquiry with ADV7619 that RD would like to support 4K2K 30Hz and 1080P/120Hz.

I tried to check CEA-861 standard, but I can't find 1080P/120Hz video format support.

Is ADV7619 support 1080P/120Hz?

2nd, as customer would like to connect two video processors behind ADV7619 with Y separated, I afraid data bus and pixel of ADV7619 output driver current are not enough. as I know that ADV7619 output driver current has three level(high/mid/low), may I know how much ADV7619 output current mA?


3rd, as ADV7619 output to two video processors with Y separated, the data bus and clock trace length of ADV7619 may be not equal.

Do you have any suggestion for this kind layout rule?

as below brief diagram: