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AD590 drop out voltage, saturation point

Question asked by dink on Oct 1, 2014
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I am currently integrating a system using three AD590MF's and I am concerned about the sense load. I've read the datasheet and various app notes and could not confirm the information i need. I found this previous quote here:



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The diagram presented under the following link is appropriate for the ADI sensor. Please ensure that the resistor value is chosen to guarantee that the AD590 is supplied with at least 4V as otherwise operation of the AD590 can be compromised.


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Is this confirming that the AD590 dropout voltage is 4V, such that the current source can only drive VDD - 4V across the load before becoming non linear? The current design only has 2.5V across the device (V+ to V-) at 25°C, but the output current suggests the sensor device is reading -16°C.