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FFT on a ADAU1701?

Question asked by ee_girl on Oct 1, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by neilped1

Is the ADAU1701 a suitable part for performing processing & analysis in the frequency domain? 


Specifically, I need to do an FFT, spectral power density, and singular value decomposition functions on 24 bit data.  The SigmaStudio software does not offer an FFT function, so I would need to build an FFT from "scratch" using the basic add, multiply and delay blocks.  This seems like a bad idea--if the part was designed to do an FFT, it would be a canned function in SigmaStudio, right?  Can a 1024 point FFT be implemented on the ADAU1701?  If so, how much of the ADAU1701's resources would be eaten up by doing this?