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ADAU1761 - Failed to load firmware

Question asked by peeter123 on Oct 1, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by larsc
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I am trying to use the EVAL-ADAU1761 with the Raspberry Pi compute module. Made my own card driver for the Pi to use the codec. I've got everything up and running(Alsamixer controls and aux bypass works) but the driver refuses to load the firmware.


The firmware and xml files are attached, used the sigmadsp_fwgen python script to generate the firmware.


Running 3.16.3 from


[  175.441044] _process_sigma_firmware: loading firmware adau1761.bin
[  175.441095] __allocate_fw_buf: fw-adau1761.bin buf=dc91fea0
[  175.450550] adau1761 1-0038: firmware: direct-loading firmware adau1761.bin
[  175.450589] fw_set_page_data: fw-adau1761.bin buf=dc91fea0 data=e1689000 size=600
[  175.450647] _process_sigma_firmware: crc=5201964e
[  175.450666] process_sigma_action: instr:43 addr:0x0 len:65536
[  175.450679] process_sigma_actions: action returned -22
[  175.450697] __fw_free_buf: fw-adau1761.bin buf=dc91fea0 data=e1689000 size=600
[  175.450727] _process_sigma_firmware: loaded adau1761.bin
[  175.451227] adau1761 1-0038: Failed to load firmware


I'm at a loss, I have a feeling that the script is broken because the first action is unmistakably broken with a length of a full uint.

Loaded modules: snd_soc_eval_adau1761, snd_soc_adau1761_i2c, snd_soc_adau1761, snd_soc_adau17x1, snd_soc_sigmadsp_regmapsnd_soc_sigmadsp