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How to verify digital loopback in AD9364?

Question asked by jinojs on Oct 1, 2014
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We are using AD9364 with Xilinx KC705.

Before start using our application (algorithm), I'm trying to verify the digital loopback using the reference design of AD9361. I believe it is implemented in the function: ad9361_dig_tune in ad9361.c

I need to use the PRBS sequence. Also I'm using the reference design by using DDS (DAC_DMA is not enabled).


Currently I'm able to see the waveform for ADC channel I and Q on the ILA (Integrated Logic Analyzer) in Vivado. But I cannot see any data on DAC data I and Q.


How exactly can I visibly conclude that the digital loopback is working fine? I want to send some data (PRBS) from FPGA to AD9364 and get it back in FPGA.

I have enabled XILINX_PLATFORM in main.c


In the code (function ad9361_dig_tune), I see 'ad9361_bist_prbs(phy, BIST_INJ_RX);'. Does this mean that the data is only injected at the RX level? Is that the reason I don't see anything on DAC? I don't see BIST_INJ_TX getting used anywhere in the code.

In function ad9361_dig_tune, I also see the below function calls.


  ad9361_bist_prbs(phy, BIST_DISABLE);

  ad9361_bist_loopback(phy, 1);

Is this 'ad9361_bist_loopback' responsible for the digital loopback?


I have followed the wiki ( and and created the reference design project and performed the initialization of AD9364 successfully.


Please guide me in performing the digital loopback on this setup at the earliest. After that I need to verify the RF performance and start adding our algorithm.


Thank you very much for your support,