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ADuC 7061MKZ Timer0 input from GPIO

Question asked by dilbert on Oct 1, 2014
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I am trying to count external events (externally processed rotary encoder pulse train) into Timer0 via T0 and i am having a few issues. Does anyone have a working code example of this process?


Some of the items causing problems;

The app note indicates that 'one of two'  external GPIO pins can be used as input for Timer0 (p 67) but only T0/P1.0 on hardware pin 3 is declared in the GPIO notes. From tables 110 and 112 it is not clear for this four function pin how to configure GPxCON as T0 is missing from the table.


All the code examples deal with using the internal clocks triggering the IRQ lines.

I have Timer0 configured as T0MOD=free running, T0EN=1, T0DIR=0, T0CLKSEL=[11]=P1.0.

I have T0LD set at the mid value of the counter and it loads this OK


It seems i am missing something obvious