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ADV7604, Time Codes insertion and ADC sampling phase

Question asked by ThomasB on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by DaveD

The adv7604 is working pretty well for HDMI and analog RGB sources and we managed to setup the auto graphics mode for non-supported video formats.

However, it sometimes happens that after setting up the auto graphics mode the receiving video signal is horizontal misaligned. In other words, the AV-Codes “SAV” and “EAV” are positioned in the active video. We load the configuration data for the auto graphics mode from a database depending on the measurements of the sync detection block.  The same configurations sometimes work fine and sometimes results in a horizontal misaligned video.

We noticed that writing the ADC sample phase register (DLL_PHASE[4:0], AFE Map, Address 0xC8, [4:0]) fixes the problem. The first write to this register changes the position of the AV-codes in the output stream and corrects the misaligned video.


We didn’t expect this and we have no explanation for this behavior. I guess we are missing something in the setup for the auto graphics mode or have chosen a wrong order for the register setup.


Any help would be great!