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BF506F Ez-Kit+ ACM+ DMA+ Received Value ERROR.

Question asked by my123wing on Oct 1, 2010
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I am working on internal ADC of BF506F, I manage it through ACM module.What i want to do is just activate the a internal ADC in order to convert Analog Voltage value from a light sensor and past it to a global variable for whole system process. I activated SPORT1 and DMA4 (default DMA for ACM) modules in order to get and store the ADC return value. I am able to view my desire Output value from the memory but the Output values are not reliable!


For Correct Result, This is what i want:



but sometime the system(DMA4) seem cannot synchronize with ADC, and these are the cases not desired:





Can any Pros help me? I really need to solve it. The attacted file is the code that i was trying. Please reply me.



Thank you.