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ADV7625 TXB video flash when unplug TXA cable

Question asked by Schang Employee on Sep 30, 2014
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Customer report an issue on ADV7625SMZ that the video get flash at TXB when TXA cable disconnected. The configurations as below:


1. Test source: 1080P/60 BD-player w/ HDCP

2. Input: RXA (each port have the same result)

3. Output:

     TXA: 4k2k monitor

     TXB: 1080P monitor

4. ADV7625SMZ software version: X2.2

5. After power on type the UART command: "route a txb" to get output video both at TXA and TXB

6. Disconnect the cable at TXA then the display at TXB will see the flash (around 0.1 sec) then back to normal


We have tried several combinations for the output displays and no problem when both displays were 4k2k or 1080P, only when one is 4k2k and one is 1080P can see the problem. I also check the setting in ADV7625, it configured in splitter mode.


The problem can be resolved by setting 0x9F = 0x30 (TXA map, set HPD to 1) before unplugging TXA cable. Customer like to know how to fix it?