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FIELD (SDP) of ADV7181D.

Question asked by Tamu on Sep 29, 2014
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I have questions about Field (SDP) of ADV7181D.


Our use case is as follows:
Input:CVBS(NTSC-J) 480i
We use NTSC input with SDP.

(We do not use CP.)


Question 1:
There is a description about "PF Polarity FIELD (SDP)", Address 0x37 [3] on H/W manual as follows:


"The polarity of the FIELD pin as it comes from the SDP block can be inverted using the PF bit.
Function PF Description
0 FIELD active high
1 FIELD active low"


I can understand "active high/low" for HSYNC or VSYNC.
But I can not understand "active high/low" for FIELD.
I think I can understand "ODD" or "EVEN".
We can not understand the meaning of the description.
What does "active high" of "PF Polarity FIELD (SDP)" mean?
What does "active low" of "PF Polarity FIELD (SDP)" mean?

Question 2:
There are descriptions of "Field 1" and "Field 2" on Figure 52 on H/W manual page 136.
Does the "Field 1" indicate EVEN field?
Does the "Field 2" indicate ODD field?


Thank you!
Best regards.