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How to set the filter, gain and read the RSSI

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2014
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Hi all,

     I had realized the point to point communication of AD9361. But in my program I don't know how to set the lowpass filter, hardware gain(TX and RX) which used to increase the transmission distance, and how to read the RSSI value? Even though ADI  provides the libiio and it's API in linux, I still don't know how to use these functions, because I don't now the name of these parameters, and the register name or address. Where can I find the parameters's name? Such as hardware gain, and how to set the filter? Thank you!

     I used iio_channel_attr_read(rx, "rssi", rssi_buf, sizeof(rssi_buf)), but the return of it is a nagative number, it means read rssi error. The same to hardware gain, I used iio_channel_attr_write(rx, "hardwaregain", hardwaregainvalue), the return of it is a nagative number too. Did I lose some steps or have some other problem?

     The last, I want to know whether the AD9361's hardware has lowpass filter? If I want to use a filter, should I write a filter in my program? Or I just need to set it(if the hardware has) with some functions?

     Thank you very much. Wish you detailed reply.