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ADV8005 Firmware 1.80RC3 compilation

Question asked by hsj on Sep 26, 2014
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We are trying to compile the source tree for the ADV8005 evaluation board that has the BF524 part. We are using the "bf" toolchain and using "cmake -DPRODUCT=8005_avr_7625_bf

Is this the correct way?

Cmakelists point to many files that are not in the platform directory such as



${ATV_SOURCE_DIR}/PLATFORM/BF524/ADI\ System\ Files/src/adi_pwr.c


${ATV_SOURCE_DIR}/PLATFORM/BF524/ADI\ System\ Files/inc



...and many others


and linker script is also missing for toolchain "bf"



We have the source tree titled "Advantiv_SW_VSP_1.80RC3_20140516_FULL"


Please advice. Is this supposed to be compilable firmware package?