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ad9467_fmc on the Zedboard

Question asked by chadgentry on Sep 26, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2014 by chadgentry

I'm trying to implement the ad9467_fmc project on a zedboard, but had to make some changes to the zed_system_bd.tcl script to get it to compile correctly.  I mainly want to make sure the changes I made are correct.


The script had the wrong name for several ad9467 signals.  I changed the connections to the following (using the ad9361 project to guide me):

connect_bd_net -net axi_ad9467_adc_data_or_n    [get_bd_ports adc_data_or_p]    [get_bd_pins axi_ad9467/adc_or_in_p]

connect_bd_net -net axi_ad9467_adc_data_or_p    [get_bd_ports adc_data_or_n]    [get_bd_pins axi_ad9467/adc_or_in_n]

connect_bd_net -net axi_ad9467_dma_dwr          [get_bd_pins axi_ad9467/adc_valid]      [get_bd_pins {axi_ad9467_dma/fifo_wr_sync axi_ad9467_dma/fifo_wr_en}]

connect_bd_net -net axi_ad9467_dma_ddata        [get_bd_pins axi_ad9467/adc_data]        [get_bd_pins axi_ad9467_dma/fifo_wr_din]

connect_bd_net -net axi_ad9467_dma_dovf        [get_bd_pins axi_ad9467/adc_dovf]    [get_bd_pins axi_ad9467_dma/fifo_wr_overflow]


For most of these signals, it was pretty easy to correct the name (e.g. adc_data_or_p clearly corresponds to adc_or_in_p), but I wasn't sure how to connect the sync input on the DMAC.  After looking through the ad9361 project and code, it looks like sync and valid are connected, so I connected them on this project.  Is this correct?


PS: I still got a few messages about disconnected signals or clock pins, but they didn't look important.  I've attached the messages in case anyone was interested.