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ADAV803 technical questions

Question asked by janezp on Sep 25, 2014
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I have some technical questions regarding ADAV803.


According to the application note AN-910 it should be used since a problem could occur when the S/PDIF connector is disconnected and reconnected several times successively. The problem can also happen when a nonstandard S/PDIF signal is sent to the DIRIN pin. The description refers to the optical connector.


Question number 1: does this problem only occur in case of an optical interface or it can also happen in case of simple copper based communication? (coaxial SPDIF from external source, or for example a direct SPDIF signal of a video IC). They suggest to monitor the „ZERO/INT” pin to detect the failure because if the PLL collapses this interrupt cannot be terminated by reading out the register. The description isn’t specific enough to explain how and why would the interrupt stop.


Question number 2: How can the interrupt be deleted? Is it enough to reset with the VCO test register mentioned in AN-910 or the complete IC needs to be reset via the reset pin?


Question number 3: Is there any other solution to detect the SPDIF failure other than monitoring the interrupt pin?

Thank you for your help!. (=

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